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At Lanna Language School we believe that learning a language is the key to understanding a country’s culture.  We teach our students both the language and culture of Thailand.  Our lessons try to make sure our students are comfortable living in Chiang Mai and can use the language to learn about Northern Thailand.

Thailand’s history, culture, and lifestyle are reasons foreigners choose to live here and learning the language makes it easier for our students to understand living in Thailand thus getting the most out of their time in the country.  We are passionate about supporting the community and environment in which we live and encourage our students to participate in various activities such as tree planting, litter picking, evening events and more to ensure that lessons are not only beneficial but also fun!

Enroll in one of our courses today and you can be on your way to speaking, reading and writing Thai language in no time.

Friendly staff, fun teaching methods and real life practice!

Our flexible teaching plans allow for private one on one classes, group sessions and online lessons.  We offer fun teaching aides and engaging learning tools to allow you to get the most out of each lesson.  Our evening dinners, outdoor activities and environmental and community projects allow you to practice your Thai with friendly locals whilst supporting good causes.

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Flexible Lessons

We offer a full range of Thai language courses, covering everything you need. Be it 1-2-1 or classroom based, whatever suits you best we are happy to provide.

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Experienced Teachers

Quality teaching. English speaking Thai teachers that are all professionally qualified with years of experience and come from the northern region of Thailand.

Education Visa

If you choose to study the Thai language on a full time basis with Lanna Language, you may be eligible for a visa of up to 1 year.  Contact us to discuss details.


Lanna Language goes beyond the usual classroom teaching and offers students opportunities for outdoor trips, community projects and environmental events.

Why Choose Lanna Language?
  • We have 6 class rooms
  • All rooms are fully air conditioned
  • Each room can hold up to 12 people
  • Free WiFi
  • We can supply all course materials needed, including books
  • Snacks and refreshments, coffee making facilities
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Student Feedback
Lanna School

I have been a student at Lanna Language School for just under a year. The staff are friendly and professional, the curriculum is comprehensive and fun. I have enjoyed my year learning to read, write, and speak Thai in such a positive and supportive atmosphere greatly.

I would recommend to anyone looking to learn Thai in Chiang Mai.

Lanna School

When choosing a Thai language school in Chiang Mai, I looked at several options. Some friends of mine chose other schools and it quickly became clear that I had made the right choice. Lanna Language School teachers are fun, friendly and professional, and are serious about teaching you Thai. The educational materials are excellent, lessons well-planned and the school tries its best to put you in a class at the right level. I can’t recommend Lanna Language School highly enough!

Charley Hesse
Lanna Language Testimonial

Great language school. Being able to take online classes from America was especially helpful. My Thai reading, writing, and speaking proficiency has really improved since I began studying with Kru Joon.

After studying at Lanna Language School, I scored high enough on the ACTFL Oral Proficiency Interview to receive 6 university credits of foreign language studies.